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Global Compact for Migration: Bad for Europe

Global Compact for Migration: Bad for Europe On 10 and 11 December, the leaders of the EU nation will head to Marrakesh, Morocco, to sign the Global Compact for Migration. This document, concocted by the globalist, multicultural elite of the United Nations, is an international set of rules to promote “safe, orderly and regular migration.” [...]

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Selmayr, Juncker’s doppelgänger nomination under scrutiny

The skyrocketing nomination of Martin Salmayr, from chief-of-staff to secretary general of the Commission was a little eartquake in the European institutions last February. The European ombudsman recently published his analysis on the subject. Every level of the Commission failed, specially the college of commissioners, which the Ombudsman holds "collectively responsible of the maladministration". [...]

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Italian voters were called to the ballot box on the 4th of March to elect a new parliament. The centre- right coalition, led by Lega with Matteo Salvini MEP, made huge gains and got the popular support of 37% of the voters for the chamber of deputies thus becoming the largest coalition in parliament. The [...]

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