Selmayr, Juncker’s doppelgänger nomination under scrutiny

The skyrocketing nomination of Martin Salmayr, from chief-of-staff to secretary general of the Commission was a little eartquake in the European institutions last February. The European ombudsman recently published his analysis on the subject.

Every level of the Commission failed, specially the college of commissioners, which the Ombudsman holds “collectively responsible of the maladministration“.

In this weird nomination of the closest aide of Mr Juncker, the Ombudsman ” has found four instances of maladministration in the appointment of the European Commission’s Secretary-General in February 2018.The maladministration arose due to the Commission not following the relevant rules correctly either in letter or in spirit. 

The same Europhile elite that gives lessons all year long to Member States on matters of good governance has been caught red-handed!

Nota : “The European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the European Union to achieve the highest standard of administrative practices possible for the benefit of European citizens.”

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